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High Performance Men presents muscular hairy men Brian Bonds and Drake Jaden. Can they actually have a hawt sexual experience with every other? Of course they can! Brian and Drake start by watching every other jerk off in their jockstraps. They talk impure to each other which turns every of ’em on even greater amount as their dicks are rock rigid. Drake then asks Brian to turn around and show off his booty. As Brian bows over the widens his booty wide, Drake tells him to make his aperture throb. Brian does by making his booty gap pulse with every wank of his cock. Brian then has Drake bend over and finger his own gap while that guy talks filthy to him. Drake strokes his own cock as this guy fingers and slaps his charming booty gap. They then pull out 2 blow up black runner balls that have large dildos attached to ’em. Drake holds the ball as Brian lowers himself deeper and deeper onto the ball. this guy then bounces up and down riding the sex-toy deeply inside his crazy booty. Drake likes every pont of time of watching Brian have a fun the act. Not wanting to be left out of the fun, Drake lubes up his dildo and Brian holds it as Drake impales himself deeply with the marital-device. that guy too rides the ball by bouncing up and down for a whilst loving every inch of the dildo going in and out of his ass. The 2 then the one and the other start riding the nuts together and when Brian says he is about to cum, Drake tells him that that guy more excellent hold back ‘cuz this guy is not willing to cum yet. that guy slaps Brian’s arm away from his dick forcing Brian to edge himself. Drake then is about to cum and Brian forces him to likewise edge his dick. The two edge for a while in advance of they cannot hold back any longer and discharge ample loads of cum all over the place. They then clean off themselves in a priceless hawt shower.

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