Arab man Kamal Ali bodybuilder solo

muscle man solo

Rookie Kamal Ali it bodybuilder. That guy started bodybuilding in earnest when this guy arrived in the town 3.5 years agone. Born in Marrakesh, Morocco, Kamal live in Montreal. That sexy guy is a nineteen year old bi guy with a stocky 5’10” 220 lbs. This hunk is another male dancer in the town taking the porno plunge with Men of Montreal, and is equipped with a 7” cut penis. This Gemini chap is studying to become a personal tutor and hopes to start bodybuilding competitions in the next year. Just days before shooting, Kamal had his lip pierced and you can watch that the novelty of it still bears on him. Like all dancers, Kamal was marvelous comfortable shooting and that guy puts on a bit of a show for viewers before entering the shower. In the shower this guy delivers some pretty intensive self gratification that leads to a wonderful sperm shooting all over the see-through glass.

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