Bearded Dirk Caber in uniform fucks black Race Cooper mouth

fetish force rough cock suck

At a detention facility called The Center, Race Cooper is being interrogated by uniformed guard Dirk Caber, looking very hot with a salt-and-pepper beard and mustache. Race is naked and handcuffed to a chair. His muscles glisten with nervous sweat. There’s a collar around his neck that delivers electrical shocks. Dirk uses his nightstick to prod Race’s balls, to choke him, to press against his vertical teats. When Dirk’s smooth talking fails to elicit the information that guy wants, that guy turns on the juice. Race’s body flinches against his restraints. Dirk adds greater amount torture by clamping Race’s nipples until this guy screams. Sensing a different way to receive what that guy wishes Dirk offers Race his dick. Race sucks it hungrily, as if Dirk’s rough cock in his throat will banish the pain. Dirk removes the handcuffs so Race can service him better, cumming in Race’s face while Race unloads his own cum and the information Dirk wanted.

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