Bearded men with muscled and hairy chest Tony Orion and Jeremy Stevens fuck

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Tony Orion has the face of a guy and the body of a man, and his jutting, slightly curly chest muscles are complemented by a high, round ass. He’s on his knees, bobbing on Jeremy Stevens’ thick dick. Jeremy appears smooth, but a closer look reveals precious blond hairs covering his pumped up body. He grabs Tony’s head and copulates it until Tony is breathless and drooling. A small in number amicable punches to the trunk and next u know, Tony is working his arse up, down and around on Jeremy’s dick. As if Tony’s aperture wasn’t getting enough of a workout, this guy proceeds to do unfathomable knee bends, with Jeremy’s dick waiting at the bottom of every rep. Jeremy’s not willing to take it to a conclusion, so he pushes Tony onto his side and eats his loose and shaggy hole. After greater quantity fucking, they separate. Tony cums loudly, squirting his cock juice onto the floor. Jeremy aims his load at Tony’s bosom. His body jerks with a small in number aftershocks as they kiss.

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