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Studio Next Door Ebony presents new scene Cockholm Syndrome with black muscle men Jay Black and Jordano Santoro.

On a cold night in the City, Jay has been captured by a no-so-gentle man. His intentions might shock u. After carefully restraining Jay, Jordano enters to inflict his brand of loving punishment. Jay doesn’t recognize Santoro. They’re consummate strangers. All this guy knows is that this bod holds his fate in his hands. Jay can watch a determined look in the man’s eyes. Jay knows he’ll pretty soon feel this man’s unyielding cock permeating his tight dark hole. And he knows that 1st he will probably take the man’s hard-on into his throat and engulf it repeatedly. Jay prepares himself. Sure enough, Santoro shoves the hard, palpitating meat into his captive’s face hole first. Jay remembers feeling it go in and out and in and out for some time. Then Santoro frees Jay of his restraints and licks Jay’s arse on the cheeks and around the gap. Then the fucking starts. Just as that guy anticipated, he’s pounded without mercy in various ways. each way seems foreign but oddly gripping to Jay. this guy knows he’ll wish this once more.

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