Black man Tyson Tyler and gay bodybuilder Christian Power

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This time around black man Tyson Tyler hooks up with gay bodybuilder Christian Power who has been preparing for competition. They meet in the bath as Tyson is taking a relaxing washroom and Christian is concerned for his post workout shower. Once underneath the shower head, Christian’s intensive training of late actually shows. His abs are rippling and this guy is greater quantity cut than ever, as his physique exposes every bulging muscle. What a site! It isn’t long before the chaps are playing with their own dicks. A hardly any beats later, Tyson joins Christian in the shower and gets on his knees to give our body builder an eager blow job. Christian wanted to reciprocate, so they move into the living space where our huge guy takes on Tyson’s challenging 10″ big black dick. During the photo shoot that preceded the actual taping of the scene, daylight provided us with an outstanding backdrop. Christian is on his knees, in a praying position, as that guy sucks on Tyson boner. In the background there’s a nearby church steeple, one of many in Montreal, which gives this shoot a heavenly feel. U not quite feel there will be a godly descent. During the actual videotaping, darkness had however set in.The boyz then moved onto the sofa where they continued sucking on every other’s dicks in a 69 position. Christian was 1st to receive at Tyson’s ass, as our British visitor moved into position to ride his partner’s cock. Tyson can take a mean fucking from a chap who has a huge cock of his own. But Christian’s 8″ tool pales in comparison to Tyson hefty 10 incher.Our body builder can’t live without things large. And in this case, it was merely natural for him to give up his arse next. Set on all fours on a living room armchair, Christian took Tyson’s dick like a champ. he was nervous at first and kept beautiful still to minimize the shock, but he pretty soon got into the groove and Tyson gave him a gorgeous intense fucking. From this position, they then moved onto the edge of the couch, where Christian stood tall, bending merely his upper body, to take it up the hole another time. Tyson was truly enjoying this position and this guy was gorgeous revved up by fucking a guy certainly as tall as him, but twice his body size. This turned him on and it did not take him lengthy to pull out, undress off the cock-sock and widen his load all over Christian’s butt. he then sat down on the bed to see Christian discharge his load on its armrest. Tyson then grinned and bent down to take up with the tongue up Christian’s bright white load off the darksome leather piece of furniture.This was Tyson’s final blast during his Montreal stay. that guy headed out of the city the next day, and by his own admission, hopes to make his way back here to get a larger sampling of the hawt lads this city suggests.

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