Black Race Cooper fisted Byron Saint white ass

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The sound of heavy breathing hits your senses first, then a long, white shinbone and a shaggy calf. The full picture discloses giant Byron Saint on his back, one knee into his trunk as Race Cooper screwdrivers his gloved fist into Byron’s arse. Byron jerks as the penetration reaches the middle of Race’s forearm. Race removes his fist and re-lubes, smoothing lube over Byron’s huge nuts so they glisten. At 6-foot-5, there’s a lot of Byron; his toned body is as lean as it is long, with sparse hair, except for his hawt calves. That guy holds his feet wider as that guy relaxes. Race teases the perimeter of Byron’s gap by tracing a fingertip around and around the rim until the opening blossoms red. Race resumes fisting with his right hand, but now his left hand is busy, also. He’s got a mean hard on that this guy strokes in counterpoint to his moving fist. Byron rests one foot on his shoulder and asks Race to cum for him, getting blasted with hot, white spooge.

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