Bound Luke Milan fucks man in jockstrap Bryan Cole

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Raging Stallion studio presents new movie Hole Part 2 with hot men Luke Milan and Bryan Cole.

Luke is nude, immobilized by plastic wrap binding him to a daybed. His humongous cock is hard, but his deeply tanned muscles cannot prevail against the plastic. He’s being watched by a bod who is silhouetted behind a plastic curtain. The shadowed voyeur, Bryan, appears to be masturbating. this guy pushes his way into the room and begins to massage Luke throughout the plastic. Bryan is smooth and muscular, with rings in one as well as the other nipples, a chromium bar through the underside of his penis and a worn jockstrap. Luke cannot move but his breathing grows heavier as Bryan fondles and tongues the undressed parts of his body, slowly shoving the plastic out of the way. Bryan releases Luke’s dick and sucks it. Now Luke can move his hips, which rock to sex Bryan’s face. Bryan removes the plastic covering Luke’s head and sits on his face. Hardcore gay porn is flickering on the closed-circuit TV monitors on the wall. Bryan backs up until the tip of Luke’s dick is poised to sunder his gap. They connect with a single synchronized movement of their hips. Luke bonks Bryan in three positions, stopping to suck him. They lie in every other’s embrace, their flesh welded by sweat, and jerk out their loads.

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