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Chip Tanner big cock jack off with fleshjack

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Muscle guy Chip Tanner is a free spirit from Los Angeles with a hardly any tricks up his sleeve and a hardly any toys in his collection. A dancer and an acrobat, he shows his limber talents of strength and flexibility in advance of getting comfortable on the bed and stretching out. widening his feet in a flawless 180 degree split, the bulge in his pants becomes prominent, as it grows beneath the cut of his silky shorts. Always looking for attention. this self-described horndog lazily peels off his shorts to reveal his gymnast body. Rolling over onto his knees, this guy pops his hole and locks his muscles, previous to getting down to the business at hand. Fingering the mouth of a FleshJack with his fingers, that guy lubes it up and plunges his cock inside, working it in and out, up and down. nearly ready to burst, he nonetheless holds off, switching to a silver sextoy and inserting it into his hole during the time that he continues to jerk off himself away. With the dildo penetrating him, he feels a rush of ecstatic joy and knows this guy won’t be able to hold off much longer, finally letting his load explode as that guy bonks and flogs himself to completion.

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