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Piggy Champ leads the edgy and extraordinary Boyhous into his lair with a slap on the undressed ass, then helps him get comfy in the leather sling. Boyhous is looking tough, with a full beard, rings in his nose and tongue, and sunburst tats surrounding his pierced teats. Champ sucks up saliva from Boyhous and uses it to lube Boyhous’ shaggy arse. Boyhous assists, widening his cheeks and fingering himself while Champ grabs gloves and lube. Boyhous puts his hands behind his head and purrs whilst Champ starts the task of expertly loosening his gap. Boyhous twists the bands of his sportsman belt into a testicle harness as Champ’s fist pops through and coaxes Boyhous’ rosebud into bloom. They swap more spit and Champ pushes the pouch of his own sportsman strap aside, grabbing his long dick with one hand during the time that the other returns unfathomable inside Boyhous. Boyhous arches his back, pivoting the sling into a nearly vertical position. Easing off, Champ puts his tongue where his fist was and picks up the pace jacking himself. In a burst of energy, Champ yanks Boyhous from the sling and pushes him to his knees to engulf to cum out of him whilst Boyhous shoots his own juices on the floor.

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