ClubInfernoDungeon Ass of Steel Rikk York and Brandon Moore

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Brandon MooreRikk YorkAss of Steel Brandon Moore and Rikk York 1Ass of Steel Brandon Moore and Rikk York 2Ass of Steel Brandon Moore and Rikk York 3

Brandon Moore is in a sling begging to be serviced and in comes sexy Rikk York who’s up to the task. He gives Brandon a hot kiss and then places a ball-gag in his mouth before he starts to stretch his welcoming hole with a massive, wide toy. Brandon spreads his hot ass, and it’s taking all this punishment like a champ. Rikk is taking pride in pounding the toy, glistening with lube, further and further in until Brandon is ready to take his fist. Brandon wants it and he wants to take as much of Rikk’s arm as he can. Rikk gently enters at first, but then starts to really massage Brandon’s insides as Brandon strokes Rick’s free arm. With his hole stretched to the max and closed first firmly planted inside him, Brandon’s body is writhing with ecstasy. Rikk removes the ball gag with his free hand and kisses Brandon as a reward for being such an amazing fisting bottom.

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