ClubInfernoDungeon ASSault David Benjamin and Christian Lesage

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David Benjamin and Christian Lesage get right to the intense action. Christian teases David’s burley, hairy nipples. David drops his fat cock down Christian’s throat. To make it sloppier, David spits in Christian’s mouth to add wetness. Christian will do anything to please David, so he flips David around and jabs his tongue and face deep into David’s ass cheeks. As part of his training, David preps Christian’s hole for battle, bending him over, spreading his ass, slapping his hole and treating him with a taste. One by one David inserts more and more fingers into Christian’s backside followed by fist punching his gaping manhole. David tests Christian’s limits by propelling his arm nearly elbow-deep inside Christian. After David punishes Christian hole, he inserts his dripping gloved hand into Christian’s mouth. Christian laps up his ass juice of the gloves, sending David over the edge, oozing his load out onto the floor.

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