Colt men Erron, Del and Paul Shippnek in vintage gay film

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Fans of THE most excellent COLT FILMS Series may be familiar with a hawt and steamy fantasy scene between Boy-Wonder Erron and his sexy and shaggy biker amigo in “Erron and Ledermeister”. From deeply within the COLT VAULT we have discovered a long-lost prequel to this infamous scene. Here we find COLT Man Erron poolside, flipping through the pages of an issue of OLYMPUS magazine, fondly remembering his photo-shoots with his hunky companions. Daydreaming, Erron thinks back to his steamy outdoor collision with black haired Del, his undressed outdoor adventures with blond Muscle-god Paul Shippnek and their more intimate adventures later-on in the bedroom. Fond memories wash over Erron as this guy bathes in the sexy sun jerking off his thick meat through his bulging bathing suit. As pics of COLT Man Ledermeister fill his head, Erron’s fantasy comes full circle.

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