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Kyle Kash has always had a crush on his coach Brad back in high school. Kyle has some big balls and even tried hitting on him but his coach told him to come back when he was older and maybe something might happen. Well a few years passed and Kyle came back and met up with Coach and he wasted no time in letting Brad Kalvo know that he still was interested. They both make out at his office for a bit and Brad gives him keys to his apartment and tells him to wait for him there. Hours pass and Coach finally shows up and they start to go at it immediately kissing. Kyle worships all the sexy muscles on Coach rubbing and kissing every inch of him and of course licking and sucking that fat cock of his. They both have been waiting years for this moment and Coach loves how tight this young bucks ass is and how great he feels while balls deep inside. The two intimately suck, lick and fuck their way to bliss with Coach ending up with all the cum splattered on him.

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