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Sounds like word is getting around town that Rodney Steele has the best barber shop on the block because of the special perks he gives the customers. Rodney is straightening is shop when Alexander Greene and Kirk Cummings come walking in and tell him that Osiris sent them in. Rodney and Osiris had a very special encounter and looks like these two sexy studs want the same treatment. After some haggling Rodney gives in and they all take turns sucking each other’s cocks. Alex and Kirk stand above him as he services them both than each one of them gets the double treatment as each cock gets two mouths wrapped around it. Everyone is horned up and ready to fuck so they get the train going with Kirk bent over in the barber chair, Alex behind him and Rodney behind Alex. The train is moving and pushing as they all are being fucked well except for Rodney but he gets his fill soon enough as well. In the end lots of cum is blasted all over Kirk and those big dicks have loads to give out.

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