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Gay fetish site ClubInfernoDungeon presents movie Long Arm Of The Law with cop Jordano Santoro and prisoner Brian Bonds.

Jordano may be wearing the uniform but inmate Brian is in charge of what’s going down in cell 142. When Santoro catches the youthful guy jerking off that guy orders him to stop but Bonds has a more good idea: that guy orders officer Santoro to push his huge flashlight up his butt. Santoro thinks he’s going to chastise the lascivious prisoner by fucking him with the rough metal handle but instead discovers that Bonds acquires off on it. Santoro wants to watch how much Bonds can take so this guy pulls on some rubber gloves and shoves his fist up his arse. The twisted policeman viciously fist fucks Bonds until this guy discharges a load all over his prison cot.

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