Falcon muscle men Logan Vaughn and Landon Conrad

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In a quiet cabin in the woods, husky Landon Conrad begins the day reading the news on his notebook. Then, a hand reaches out and grabs one of Landon’s shaggy muscled pecs: concupiscent falcon man Logan Vaughn has other plans. Logan’s sweat panties are bulging with the evidence of his wish. Logan’s smooth skin is like silk but it’s merely a temporary distraction from the rigid dick that Landon needs to suck. Total ravishment is Landon’s intent and Logan’s cock, balls and gap are all fair targets for mouth, tongue, fingers and cock. Logan’s interruption of Landon’s reading is complete when he is squealing in ecstasy from the hard, fat cock drilling his butt. Laptop takes on a recent meaning when Logan impales himself on the upright shaft of the sitting Landon and rides his way to double creamy conclusions.

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