Gay bodybuilder Christian Power fucks stud Ben Rose

gay bodybuilder fuck stud

We acquire to watch a different side to bodybuilder Christian Power in this scene. A bit more assertive, definitely domineering and somewhat bossy towards the much smaller young stud Ben Rose who, in this scene, services our bodybuilder and then gets his butt pummelled by him. This is a scene of contrasts, huge vs. small, tanned vs. white, bossy vs. uncomplaining. Prior to the interview, Ben & Christian got to know every other and it was clear whilst chatting with Marko Lebeau that they had hit it off joking and laughing through the interview. Yet, Ben was still a bit intimidated by Christian’s claim to want revenge in this scene and his biggest stature. He’s 3 times my size! starting the scene with some mutual fondling, Christian barks off a succession of instructions to the unrepining Ben that endure through the scene. Move there, suck man, Come here. The Titan reveals a taskmaster side that we have not ever seen before. Ben begins off by sucking Christian’s dick to acquire him rough; and this guy does a priceless job of it! In fact, Ben has become quite a well-rounded and talented actor that actually acquires off on having sex with guys and performing for the camera.Once Christian is all worked up from the cock-sucking this guy got, the beefy dude then moves his smaller sized partner onto his back to give him a blow job of his own. Ben strikes a boner in no time, but Christian quickly has other plans. this guy craves his arse eaten out a job that Ben takes on with delight and talent. His tongue makes its way past Christian’s biggest ass cheeks and darts right into the expecting aperture. Our dominating top is clearly enjoying Ben’s attention, jacking off a constantly hard cock. Christian’s dick is still hankering for some engulfing so Ben goes back to Christian’s dick. Our 265 lb. body builder is clearly in command as that guy moves Ben into position for some ass fucking. This tongue work is warming the Rose’s chocolate hole for the fucking he’s going to receive next. Ben was really turned on by Christian’s rock hard arse fucking; first in a sideways position then in a reverse Cowboy. It had been several days since Ben had shot a load, and he kept telling us that he was close to shooting a load. So, it wasn’t long previous to this guy needed to fire off a hefty amount of spunk during the time that still riding Christian’s cock. Hot! Christian then moved Ben to the edge of the ottoman so this guy could fuck him again, this time doggy style, gearing up for his own cum discharged. Quickly Christian takes the cum drum off and jerks out a load of his own all over Ben’s booty. Spent, the boyz wrapped it up with a kiss and kudos from Christian for a good Job!

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