Gay Doctor Jimmy Durano fucks his patient Jeremy Stevens

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A crazy day at the hospital leaves gay doctor Jimmy Durano in the mood for some joy. When muscle man Jeremy Stevens complains of lower abdominal ache gay doctor Durano makes a decision that guy needs a colonoscopy but not previous to receiving some particular treatment. Durano cuts Jeremy’s underwear off then rolls him over to shave his asshole. Despite patient Stevens’ protestations, Durano proceeds his unconventional exam with the speculum. The anal probe has a visible arousing effect on his patient so gay doctor Durano takes Stevens’ dick in his swallow. The worthwhile doctor sucks Jeremy’s dick then disrobes and shoves his thick Latin big dick in his patient’s twitching gap. The arse pounding seems to be working so Durano orders Stevens to bow over the exam table so he can go even deeper. Durano slams Jeremy’s hole tough then pulls out and shoots his load. Dr. Durano finishes his treatment with a violent jerk off that pumps a cumming out of Stevens’ huge dick.

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