Hairy bearded men Christopher Daniels and Johnny Parker

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Christopher Daniels has furry Johnny Parker in a half nelson. With Johnny immobilized, Daniels works his jeans off, grabs his junk and tongue-fucks his face. Johnny welcomes the tongue-lunges with an open throat and reaches back in search of a rigid on. Christopher makes Johnny’s dick and balls vanish down his gullet. No matter how stuffed his mouth is, Christopher can extend his tongue to add a take up with the tongue and a swirl. Now that guy jams a finger up Johnny’s arse. Johnny rises to his toes with a sharp intake of breath. Now it’s his turn to reciprocate. Christopher lies back, presenting his lean, hard body. From neck to pubes, he’s all gracefully rolling muscular. Christopher sucks Johnny’s fingers while getting blown, then draws his knees up to his armpits and uses two hands to spread his glutes. Johnny is drawn to the musky crack and his tongue darts out, competing with Christopher’s fingers to prepare it for fucking. In a flash, Johnny plunges his cock in. Christopher rides him rigid; rivulets of sweat run down his treasure trail. When they switch positions, they trades roles, so Johnny’s rock hard buns are being plowed by Christopher. Excitedly each cums in the other’s throat.

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