Hairy bears Aleks Buldocek and Shawn Wolfe fuck

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Raging Stallion studios recommend movie Timberwolves for fan hairy men Aleks Buldocek and Shawn Wolfe.

Aleks and Shawn eye each other in the murky light of a homosexual bar nestled in the woods. They are shirtless, and one as well as the other have torsos overspread with hair. Their hands grope and squeeze their crotches until it’s clear every bod has a serious fat cock in his panties. Aleks makes the 1st move, crossing over to Shawn giving him a bear hug. Shawn runs his fingers through Aleks’ chest hair during the time that Aleks unfastens Shawn’s pants. Aleks holds Shawn’s cock, then he sucks it and rubs it on his gay beard marking his territory. Aleks’ cock juts stiffly skyward. Shawn earns praise by slurping it down expertly. Aleks has Shawn over a barrel. Literally. that guy invades Shawn’s hole in evenly spaced thrusts, pulling his dick all the way out and ramming it all the way back in, in a single jerk off so hard that the barrel rocks. Sean’s hole is dripping, and they move to a padded bar stool and Aleks folds Shawn into a ball and continues to smash his ass. It’s not quite inhuman the way they sex until their nuts boil and they spew their thick loads.

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