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High Performance Men presents hairy men Joe Parker and Ricky Larkin in tough unshaved and lascivious. Joe and Ricky are embraced in a sexy and enormous make-out session wearing nothing but their jockstraps as the scene opens. one as well as the other are groping each other’s tough bodies as their cocks strain to be released from their jocks. soon both hard cocks are out and both are wanking every other as their tongues explore every other’s throat. Ricky Larkin stands up to feed Joe his thick dick and Joe waists no time in doing his most good to unfathomable swallow all of Ricky’s rough cock. As Joe sucks his cock, that guy runs his hands throughout Ricky’s furry trunk and plays with his nipples. Joe’s cock is tough as a rock as that guy sucks Ricky and noticing this Ricky pushes Joe onto his back and this guy works his way down to Joe’s huge cock where this guy works his tongue all over the shaft in advance of sucking it deep down his swallow. Ricky goes back and forth from Joe’s cock to his nuts and that guy even sucks on the hair on Joe’s nut sack. that guy then flips Joe’s feet over his head and starts licking Joe’s mad arse with gusto. As Ricky works his tongue all over Joe’s ass, you can hear Joe moaning in pleasure. The two then find themselves in a very hawt 69 devouring every other’s cocks. Ricky finds his way back to Joe’s butt where that guy receives it all soaked and willing for his huge hard dick. As Ricky drives his dick deeply into Joe’s ass, you can tell Joe can’t live without each moment as his dick is pulsating with every stroke of Ricky’s dick. Ricky pounds Joe lengthy and rigid for a while on his back and then flips him to his side previous to Joe decides to climb on top of Ricky and ride his dick. As Joe rides Ricky’s cock, Ricky sees the pre-cum leaking out of Joe’s dick and says ‘let me taste that cock’ and that guy starts licking the head of Joe’s dick as this guy continues to sex him. Ricky then grabs Joe’s dick and begins wanking him as that guy drives his cock deeper up Joe’s butt. Joe cannot hold back any longer and Ricky strokes out a priceless huge load of cum from Joe’s cock all over his curly trunk. Joe then works over Ricky’s nipps and plays with his nuts as Ricky beats off a worthwhile thick creamy load of cum. Exhausted, the two kiss every other deeply as they relish in the hot fuck they have just shared.

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