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Security monitors flicker, displaying grainy photos. A man whose face is hidden sluggishly strokes a bigger dick. He’s drawn to the act in one screen, which morphs into color. Nude chested Donnie Dean and Landon Conrad mash lips as they jack off through their boxers. Donnie is the first to suck; his hairy pecs and hard nipps clench as that guy works his jaw on Landon’s huge, arching dick. Donny’s black leather sportsman belt frames his butt cheeks invitingly and Landon parts them with his tongue and a finger. Donnie adds his own finger, which this guy pulls out and gives to Landon to sniff and suck. A naked bulb in a rusty reflector, and monitors like these seen earlier, cast a glow over Donnie as Landon copulates him on a grimy cot. The pleasures of a rough dick coursing through a hawt gap temporarily erase the harsh reality of confinement. Donnie flips Landon around and bonks him in return. Landon’s cries echo through the other cells, which have their own wall of monitors. No action is private. Donnie suspends his body from straps hanging from the ceiling, his hole planted over Landon’s face as they pump out loads for the vicarious joy of all.

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