Hairy gay men Shawn Wolfe and Heath Jordan

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Gay bear Heath Jordan has got hairy man Shawn Wolfe caught in a bear hug, and Shawn is offering no resistance. In fact, that guy tears the shirt off Heath’s furry, burly torso, then reaches around to grab a brawny bun in each hand. Heath untangles his tongue from Shawn’s and lets it drift south, across Shawn’s neck, hirsute nipples, enjoyment trail and down to his cock, which is hard with anticipation. The long, deeply suction of Heath’s swallow leaves Shawn’s thick dick slick and glistening. Heath pauses momentarily, the tip of his tongue poised at the tip of Shawn’s cock, and looks up for approval. he receives it in the form of a pat on the head and Shawn’s tongue up his ass. The straps of Heath’s black jockstrap frame the pale globes of his ass cheeks with his hole as the focal point. Later, the waistband serves as a clutch and a controlling rein when Shawn fucks him doggy style. A switch to missionary position showcases Heath’s rigid cock and his bearish hotness. With their bodies straining, muscles constricted and bulging, sweat popping out on their skin, they cum abundantly Heath on his tummy and Shawn on Heath’s gay beard and trunk. Heath licks a few droplets of spooge off Shawn’s dick and they kiss.

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