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Throughout the smoke, a spotlight ricocheting off the walls is all that illuminates muscled hairy hunks Jessy Ares and Alex Marte in the dark club. Huge Alex towers over Jessy, but he’s there to be pulverized. Jessy chews Alex’s lips, offers his bear muscle body for consumption. Bite those nipps. Lick hairy pits. When we get to suck that big dick, Jessy is primed to assault Alex’s throat. The sweat on their hairy bodies glows as the steam rises with the heat the men generate. A cock ring turns Alex’s nuts into a handle that Jesse grasps as that guy bites Alex’s taint and laps at his twitching asshole. Alex won’t be gratified with having his foreskin stretched or his dick sucked: that guy needs a rough man’s cock driven into him once more and a fresh.

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