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Tourist Martin Mazza is photographing Barcelona’s celebrated cathedral when he’s approached by Aybars, whose bulging shoulders complement his sleeveless shirt. They chat and stroll off to Aybars’ place. Suddenly they are in the shower, kissing deeply as they wash the day’s dust off their hairy bodies, using their tongues as if they were washcloths. They face-fuck every other in long, slow beats from stem to base. Aybars grabs Martin’s ass from behind, kneading and spreading his glutes, and burying his face deeply in the crack. Off to the bedroom, where Aybars continues to take charge, holding Martin’s cock erect while he sucks it, slapping his ass, running his dick along Martin’s crack, sliding two fingers into the aperture and taking one more smack previous to fucking the aperture he’s been eating. Aybars takes his time, making sure his cut cock goes all the way in, then pulling it all the way out. Repeat, increasing the tempo with every wank until Martin’s haunches come to life and assume a counterthrust to Aybar’s strokes. Martin collapses face-down on the sheets and Aybars falls on top of him, with an unstoppable rhythm. two positions later, Martin and Aybars the one and the other squirt gobs of spunk onto Martin’s gorgeously furred chest.

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