Hairy inked Caleb Colton fucks bodybuilder Mitchell Rock

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The moaning and slurping we hear is coming from muscle hunks Caleb Colton and Mitchell Rock. Hairy, tattoed Caleb is getting his monster cock inhaled by very hard-bodied bodybuilder Mitchell. Caleb’s big cock slides easily all the way down Mitchell’s mouth. Mitchell uncouples and improvises an private muscular show, caressing each rigid contour of his smooth, magnificent body. His asshole makes Caleb so concerned that he shreds Mitchell’s shorts to be able to grab his buttocks and plunge his face in the crack. The aroma is intoxicating. Caleb sucks Mitchell’s dick, and his big balls likewise. Mitchells muscled pecs are awesome to behold when Caleb enfolds him in his arms. They crane their necks to lock lips and Mitchell’s teats stiffen in Caleb’s hands. Holding onto rings hanging from the ceiling, Mitchell widens and lifts his feet and swings onto Caleb’s big dick. Every part in Mitchell’s muscled body as that guy rocks onto Caleb’s big dick, his aperture grasping, then letting go, then swinging back to be skewered again. Caleb breaks out in an all-over sweat. Release comes in sequential orgasms that Mitchell’s muscled pecs and nipples like a adorable dessert. Caleb licks up each drop.

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