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Raging Stallion presents hot hairy men Donnie Dean and Tommy Defendi in movie Magnetism.

For a lot of men, sex began like this. Getting naked, jacking off, and stealing kisses. Donnie and Tommy suggest the primer on doing it and the gravitational pull of their libidos in undeniable. Tommy runs his hands throughout the mat of fur on Donnie’s chest, pausing to pinch a nipple. Donnie squeezes their cocks together and beats. Donny is determined to suck and swallow Tommy’s hugest and hardest part. Tommy moans and his hirsute chest heaves as Donny works to gulp an additional inch with each intake of breath. Assisted by a swirling tongue and grasping hands twisting simultaneously clockwise and counterclockwise, Donny’s got all of Tommy’s hairs standing on end. Tommy licks Donnie’s hole, making animalistic noises. Donnie braces his feet and arches his back to acquire Tommy’s thick 9 inch pole. that guy makes a whooshing noise like the air being let out, then bucks his thighs as Tommy buries the bone. Tommy spanks Donnie until his buns are bright red. And then the act returns to where it began, 2 lads jacking off and bathing every other in cream.

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