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Studio Raging Stallion presents fresh movie Hole Part 2 with dark-hairy men Joe Parker and Adam Ramzi.

Alone in a dingy cell, hairy man Joe has solely a closed-circuit TV for company. This guy sees men for fuck. Joe has no control over the screen. A naked bulb swinging overhead casts shadows. A thin line of hair leads to the dick Joe is massaging throughout his ribald briefs. Darksome hairs curl over the neckline of his t-shirt. Joe’s isolation is relieved when hairy hunk Adam is thrust into his cell. Joe reacts like a lion at feeding time in the zoo, flinging himself onto the offering, biting his lips, tearing his clothes to get at his dick. Adam’s bewilderment gives way to the surging pleasure unleashed by Joe’s swallow. He grabs Joe’s shoulders and flings him onto the cot, returning the blow job with equal fervor. If Joe’s dick were any harder, it would shatter. Adam squeezes Joe’s nuts and drives his tongue into the cleft between his buns. They lie belly-to-belly, the sweat on their shaggy chests mingling. Adam reaches for Joe’s cock, aims it at his hole and impales himself on it in one single thrust. They knock foreheads, Joe thrusting up and Adam pushing back. Doggy style and missionary position follow, never missing a beat. Adam’s supercharged nuts propel a thick stream of spunk across his hairy chest. Joe’s mens orgasm is no less intense, scattering spooge in a wide arc.

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