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Muscled daddy Trenton Ducati’s cry, “Oh, my dick is so hard” is no exaggeration. Big muscled Rogan Richards’ hairy pecs are equally hard: Trenton punches ’em and there’s no give. They tangle tongues with fervor and big dicks with a connection, face off with displays of biceps and body, then Rogan pushes Trenton onto his back. Trenton lures Rogan closer by opening his feet as far apart as possible and creating a target for Rogan. It drives Rogan wild, and that guy uses his tongue, fingers and even his teeth on Trenton’s hole, dick and balls. Rogan wishes some of the same, so he straddles Trenton with his tree-trunk haunches and fucks his face. His high, rounded arse provides the momentum. As deeply as Trenton’s mouth is, it’s not as hot and taut as his hole, which is next in Rogan’s sights. The ground underneath Trenton moves with the impact of Rogan’s driving force, and Trenton grabs the rings in Rogan’s nipples for support. Rivulets of sweat leak from the hollow of Rogan’s swallow between the cleft on his breast and skid down his washboard abs as he spins Trenton around and pounds him from behind until each of ’em delivers a milky Powerload.

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