Hot bodybuilder Trenton Ducati fucks muscle hunk Donnie Dean

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Muscle men Trenton Ducati and Donnie Dean stand teat to teat and navel to navel, making out. The fabric of their skimpy swim trunks is stretched constricted by rigid flesh. Donnie swoops down to grab the bull by the horn and what a horn! Firm and fat, thick at the tip and thicker at the base, with an upward curve guaranteed to tickle any prostate. First, Donnie acquires his mouth packed. during the time that Donnie sucks, Trenton grabs one of his hands and pulls it across the smooth, rough muscled planes of his torso. Turning Donnie to the wall, Trenton grabs his swimsuit, using his teeth and hands to slip it off. Donnie’s high bubble butt is the object of Trenton’s desire, and he kneads and widens the cheeks of his prize. Donnie flops onto the bed and Trenton drills his gap with a finger, using the other hand to swat his buns. Donnie humps the mattress, abandoning himself to the sensual bliss of Trenton’s tongue basting and probing his aperture. Trenton lies full-length on top of him and surfs Donnie’s crack with his raging meat. Then that guy spears Donnie’s aperture with his boner. From doggy to missionary to sit-fuck, they drain every other of every ounce of pleasure, and ultimately each drop of ball cream. Donnie laps up the spooge the same way that guy lapped up the attention.

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