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Logan Stevens has stretched a clothesline across the squalid trailer. With little to wear except crusty undies and a wife beater, he jacks off while the laundry dries. Roommate Marcus Isaacs sits in their solely chair, looking rough with a pack of smokes rolled up in his t-shirt sleeve. Apart from beards and body hair, there is a stark contrast betwixt pale, golden-haired Logan and dark-haired Marcus. Marcus seizes the initiative and jumps on the bed, planting a kiss that demands attention. Now every chap has 2 dicks to play with. Marcus tweaks Logan’s foreskin previous to sucking him, breaking out in a full body sweat. Not to be outdone, Logan demonstrates an equally bottomless throat. he sucks Marcus’ balls and gives him a slurping rim job that leaves Marcus clamoring to feel Logan’s hard cock skewer unfathomable inside him. A robust change-up sex ends with Logan cumming in Marcus’ swallow and Marcus cumming on his very unshaved thighs.

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