Inked muscle men Adam Killian and Caleb Colton in jockstraps

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Ripped, tattooed and muscle men Adam Killian and Caleb Colton in hot gay porn. Adam grasps the enormous bulge in his camo shorts then shreds his T-shirt, makes an impromptu gag with it, and tongue copulates Caleb’s throat through the gag. The bulge morphs into a maxed-out hard-on aimed at Caleb’s throat. The hairs on Adam’s trunk stand on end as Caleb revels in the fat dick that guy has to suck. They kiss wetly, Caleb rims Adam’s armpits, then Adam commands him to crawl onto a bench. Adam’s rimming leaves both chaps quivering as if hit by an earthquake. Adam cock surfs Caleb’s crack so his arse will know what huge meat is about to sunder his innards, then that guy delivers the thrust, all the way to the hilt. A flickering fire in the window casts its glow on bodies basted with spit and sweat. The fucking is wild and untamed. Adam hooks his calf around one of Caleb’s thighs, and pounds harder. Tongue-fucking Caleb’s ear, Adam flattens him to the ground. When Caleb needs relief from the intensity, Adam loops himself throughout a large dangling hoop, suspended like a gymnast whose acrobatics are driven by a tongue in his booty. Then Adam resumes the fuck, pile-driving to dual gushing mens orgasms.

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