James Ryder, Marcus Isaacs and Aleks Buldocek gay threeway fuck

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In advance of the bar opens, juvenile bar back James Ryder and bartender Marcus Isaacs are getting ready. Tatted James is barechested and his jeans ride low, showing off his hawt bubble butt. Marcus notices and wishes to play so he climbs over the bar and presents his booty to James. Marcus widens his furry buns and watches himself reflected in the mirror as James probes the warm center of his hole and milks his cock. Leaping to the floor, Marcus plants a kiss on James’ lips and hoists him onto the bar for impassioned dick and ball engulfing. James lies back across a pair bar stools for Marcus to fuck him with his beefy cock. Then Marcus wishes to feel James’ dick up his ass, so they exchange places. They make sufficiently noise to lure Aleks Buldocek out of a back office. Bearded and burly, Aleks has massive chest muscles and a torso covered with ink and fur. this guy and James take turns using Marcus’ gap and throat to fulfill their raunchy needs. The men are in consummate synch and they send streams of cum flying in 3 directions at exactly the same time.

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