Male fetish Doug Acre fucks bound Armond Rizzo

fuck bound gay

Bound Armond Rizzo has the body of a gymnast, with smooth, olive skin. He’s naked, fastened up to the ceiling by silken red cords around his wrists. His legs just touch the bench under him. Doug Acre strides across the room with a huge tent in his gym shorts, grabs Armond’s uncut cock and sucks it. Doug’s unfathomable bosom has a light scattering of hair. Armond panties and sways, but does not speak as Doug steps out of his trunks. Doug teases Armond’s cock, using 2 fingers to move the foreskin back and forth and his lips to tease the head. In a sudden movement, Doug grabs Armond behind one as well as the other knees and lifts his legs into the air. Armond swings freely from his restraints as Doug tongue-dives into his aperture. Letting Armond’s legs touch ground again, Doug once more attends to engulfing him, inhaling it deep and stroking as he sucks, edging Armond closer and closer to orgasm. Armond’s cries and whimpers become louder and faster, but Doug walks away telling him, You’re not allowed to cum.

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