MenOver30 Every Last Mile With Mature Gay Men Jake Jennings and Josh Peters

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Jake Jennings and Josh Peters 1Jake Jennings and Josh Peters 2Jake Jennings and Josh Peters 3Jake Jennings and Josh Peters 4Jake Jennings and Josh Peters 5

Jake Jennings finally made the big move to Josh’s house and they are excited as all hell. They have not seen each other in three months because Jake had to move his whole life to be with Josh Peters but the wait was worth it. Jake can not wait to get Josh naked so in a rush he unbuttons Josh’ shirt and throws it off. The two have an intense make out session. The love is in the air as they worship each other’s bodies rubbing and caressing. The connection is strong with these two sexy men as they intertwine their bodies together pleasing their internal instincts. Jake takes it easy on Josh’s glorious blonde golden ass as he passionately fucks him deep and soft while kissing him. The intimacy finally builds up to a blast of creamy cum all over Josh.

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