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Trey Turner and Dimitri Kane 1Trey Turner and Dimitri Kane 2Trey Turner and Dimitri Kane 3Trey Turner and Dimitri Kane 4Trey Turner and Dimitri Kane 5Trey Turner and Dimitri Kane 6Trey Turner and Dimitri Kane 7

Summer is coming to a close and what better way to end it than with a pool party with some buddies. The water is nice but Dimitri Kane can be seen chatting with Trey Turner topside while the rest of the sexy men are enjoying the water. Before you know it they are making out and heading back into the house for some extra fun. They go into the first room they see and begin kissing and taking their dry shorts off. Big booty Trey wastes no time sucking that sexy cock of Dimitri’s as he gulps and gags on his long shaft. All that pool chilling must have mad Trey hungry because he can not stop eating that firm hairy ass of Dimitri’s. Dimitri is lubed up and ready for that thick shaft to penetrate his tight hole and Trey goes balls deep pumping and grinding until he lets loose one of the biggest loads of any man you will see. Its a hot filled cum session but all good things have to come to an end and they both head back outside to the pool party.

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