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Max Sargent and Brayden Allen have been talking about adding an extra bottom into their love making and this week Max has great news that Billy Warren from practice will be joining them for some hot three way action. Billy has never been in a three way especially with his Coach Max but he is just too attracted to him not to say no. Once Billy arrives Coach and Brayden dictate to Billy everything he needs to do and how it should be done. Lost in the moment Billy stroked his dick and watches them suck until he is asked to join in. The Coach is calling the shots and he get his boys to bend over the couch asses up so he can choose which one gets licked and fucked first. Going with what he already knows he picks his man Brayden and has Billy watch on while stroking his cock in excitement awaiting his turn. Coach goes from one ass to another licking and fucking both of them. He has one hairy ass and one smooth ass which he can’t get enough of. Coach fucks them both hard showing Billy how it’s all done until they flip over and he gets to ride Coach’s cock while before he cums all over his smooth chest. Billy leaves with three cum loads all over him.

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