MenOver30 Tomorrow Billy Santoro, Braxton Smith and Peter Fields threeway gay porn

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Billy Santoro, Braxton Smith 1Billy Santoro, Braxton Smith 2Billy Santoro, Braxton Smith, Peter Fields 1Billy Santoro, Braxton Smith, Peter Fields 2Billy Santoro, Braxton Smith, Peter Fields 3

Peter Fields has fled to his good friends house Billy Santoro who was kind of enough to take him in after the break up with Alessio. Billy conveys to Peter that he can stay as long as he wants and no rush. Peter arrived late so Billy and his BF Braxton Smith are tired and have work in the morning. They tell Peter to relax and get some rest while they head back to their bedroom. Braxton already can not wait for Peter to leave but Billy tells him it’s just temporary and to console him even more they begin to kiss and get into some sexy late night mischief. Peter who is restless and still dealing with the break up can hear the moaning pleasures coming out from the room. Peter begins to get horny as his cock is rock hard. He creeps up to the bedroom door while stroking his cock and he slowly pushes the door open and sees Billy fucking Braxton deep and hard. Stroking and watching Peter opens the door more and Billy waves him in. Peter walks right up to Braxton and slides his hard cock into his awaiting mouth. Now we have a nice steamy three-way going as all these sexy men suck rim and fuck their way to satisfaction.

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