Muscle bodybuilders Trenton Ducati and Mike Dozer fuck each other

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When Trenton Ducati opens his leather jacket in the dim alley, his riveted abdominal muscles are illuminated, and they entreat attention. This guy cups his hand over the bulge in his Levi’s and looks around for hawt prospects. Mike Dozer, a shaggy daddy whose pecs are as wide as the county, comes across Trenton. They haul out cocks willing for action during the time that sizing every other up. Trenton shifts his body and Mike is all over him with large gulps. Mike’s tongue can move in three different directions at once, whether it’s wrapping itself around Trenton’s shaft or corkscrewing its way into his hole. After Mike’s tongue has done its exceptional work, Trenton acquires on his knees and returns the favor with even greater quantity intensive oral pleasure act. Mike is dripping sweat and pre-cum when Trenton nails Mike’s ass. This big hairy stud desires dick. Mike growls like a hungry animal as that guy gets his ass worked. Trenton’s style is fuck, rim, fuck, rim, and this guy alternates until, in a swift move, they roll over and it’s Mike on top riding Trenton. Sweat pours down like rain until Trenton discharges wildly all over his torso. Mike licks it up, then resumes engulfing Trenton’s cock whilst this guy jerk off.

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