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The fountain is frozen in Tahoe’s city square, but muscle hunk Jimmy Durano and hairy bearded Shawn Wolfe know a quick way to acquire warm. They head to their room and draw a hot bath. The tub is huge enough for muscular Jimmy and lean and hairy Shawn. Sitting in the tub, their inflated cocks pop up like periscopes. When Shawn reaches over to grab Jimmy’s big dick, Jimmy rises, and his dick spears Shawn’s swallow dead center. Shawn’s hands are busy exploring Jimmy’s torso and playing with his foreskin as that guy sucks. Then Jimmy takes a turn sucking, cupping Shawn’s constricted butt cheeks in his hands. Shawn’s treasure trail leads to more fur in all directions: unshaved legs that will warm u when they wrap around u and a hairy crack and balls. They sex in the tub, with Jimmy sitting and Shawn lowering his asshole onto the pole that brings intense enjoyment. After Shawn loosens up, that guy leans forward, bracing himself on the ledge, for Jimmy to take him from behind in rapid full-bore thrusts that set the water roiling. Orgasms await them on the ledge of the bath, with Shawn on his back, cumming in high jets on his hairy belly and taking Jimmy’s hot white load in his swallow.

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