Muscle hunk Landon Conrad fucks ginger stud Seamus O’Reilly

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Muscular Landon Conrad is sporting a beard, and that guy kicks back in his leather chair. Hot, juvenile ginger Seamus O’Reilly kneels betwixt his outspread thighs, wearing a jockstrap. That guy nuzzles Landon’s crotch until Landon’s pants are likely to burst. When Landon pulls out his fat and fully engorged meat, Seamus is on it in a microsecond. That guy sucks until his cheeks are hollow. Landon’s thighs surge, triggering Seamus to engulf harder. Landon’s shirt falls open to show pumped chest muscles and a hairy chest. Seamus is shaggy himself, with thick ginger pubes and a big dick. Landon shucks his pants to give full access to his balls, taint and ass. Seamus’ oral stimulation skills make Landon twitch like electricity was running through him. He summons the willpower to pull Seamus off his cock, rewarding him with unfathomable wet kisses, then reaming his hole with his tongue before planting his dick in Seamus’ hole. Seamus bounces with excitement and urgency until Landon’s dick is as unfathomable in his aperture as it was in his mouth. Landon picks him up bodily, swivels him around and lands him on his back, pile driving into him from above. With sweat coursing down his torso, Landon cums in Seamus’ throat and Seamus quirts his gratification in streaks across the room.

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