Muscle hunks Enrique Romo and JR Bronson fuck

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JR Bronson ought to be a statue: a muscle chest narrowing to a thin waist, flaring out to rock hard convex buns. He’s a lean slab of brawny male potency and wish. Enrique Romo, smooth from earlobes to ankles, has his lips are crammed firmly against JR’s. When those lips part, Enrique slips a flickering tongue into JR’s mouth. Lower down, each man is wanking the other’s hardon. Enrique’s heavy, curved cock slides easily into JR’s square jaw. Suction hollows JR’s cheeks and with a bit of thrusting from Enrique, JR makes this giant dick vanish. Enrique’s hands go directly to JR’s butt. As Enrique palms and fondles the individual hole cheeks, he slyly slips a finger into the juicy aperture. His tongue follows, and the combination of rough and soft, dry and wet, probing JR’s arse leaves him calling out for greater amount. He receives it on his back, missionary style and in the crab position, which allows JR to control the fucking speed, intensity and depth not to mention showcasing a stellar set of abs that will in a short time be splattered with JR’s ball cream. JR’s exertions take Enrique over the edge, and this guy blasts his load onto JR’s face.

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