Muscle men Rogan Richards and Leo Domenico fucks Logan Vaughn

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Meaty dude Rogan Richards loves to admire himself in the full-length mirror. He’s muscled body, with a bushy chest and pierced nipples. Rogan hits all the bodybuilding positions until his muscles bulge. Wait, that guy spots something in the mirror: blonde guy Logan Vaughn suck Leo Domenico cock. Leo’s big dick is soaked with saliva. They know they’re being watched, and the interplay of voyeurism and exhibitionism ratchets up the raunchy suspense. Rogan kiss angles his chiseled body to see himself jack off, see Leo receive sucked and still give an eyeful of hard cock to the duo. Longing compels Rogan to join the guys and create a three-ring circus of their own. First he feels up Leo’s sexy and curly chest, yanking off the t-shirt that kept it overspread. Just watching Rogan and Leo feel every other’s chests will make your cock drip. Logan and Leo team up to engulf and rim Rogan. Then Logan acquires the center ring, his hole and mouth remain filled with penis for the rest of the scene, and it’s a tie as to who can take a fatter cock or a deeper smashing. everyone discharges massively, but Rogan’s output equals the others combined.

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