Muscled COLT men Luke Adams and Bob Hager

colt men in jockstraps

Colt men Bob Hager and Luke Adams are just a pair of red-blooded, hung and excited men on the prowl. Bob is wearing his COLT Collection Tee with pride and signaling to the world what this guy is looking for other men’s men. Crossing paths along an outdoor trail their eyes connect and they are just now drawn together, giving a kiss and groping each other with a familiar ease. Lowering their jeans these men aid themselves to every other’s bulging packages. Luke, in his COLT Collection jock Brief, shows off his brawny booty as this guy squats down in front of Bob to suck and slurp on his big palpitating tool. Enjoying a mutual suck-fest, Bob leans back on the outdoor stairway as Luke Feeds him his thick wet cock from above. Bob enjoys the view and the taste of cock so much that his load comes gushing, shooting a high and drenching load all over himself. Luke turns around and gives Bob a double dose of white hot cum as he lets loose his load on Bob’s heaving chest.

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