Muscled Jake Genesis and hairy stud Ty Roderick

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Muscled hunk Jake Genesis and hairy stud Ty Roderick in fantastic muscle men porn video. Jake reaches out with a hand and Ty allows him to touch, moving his body to signal where that guy desires to be touched. Then Ty reaches out. They play a slow game of touch-and-move-away, every revealing more flesh when the other retreats, to lure him back. Jake tears his shirt to show a built chest overspread in hair. Ty coaxes his horny cock out of his pants, inch by hard inch. They kissing. Ty’s head glides from Jake’s dick to his lips, inhaling each pheromone, and smiling. They use their lips, their tongues, their noses on all the undressed flesh, leaving penis for last. The rush of blood into Ty’s hard-on makes it jerk as this guy sucks the hardon Jake offers. Jake turns: eat my booty. He lowers his tight ass on the upright tower that is Ty’s big cock. They thrust in counterpoint, 1st with Ty on his back, then with Jake on his back. They separate and in a surprise maneuver, Jake drives his penis into Ty, whose balls swell to send thick streams of cock juice coursing over his face. Jake sends his own load arcing across Ty’s abs. That guy can’t resist bending down for a smack and a cum kiss.

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