Muscled raging stallion men Jesse Santana and Adam Killian

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Exclusives raging stallion muscle men Adam Killian and Jesse Santana have a blast pawing and sniffing around each other like a couple of frisky pooches on the prowl. The two hairy and beefy guys play-act tugging at a pull toy while they grapple and roll about with self-gratifying smugness. They take up with the tongue and slobber each other’s sweaty assholes with their snouts snugly burrowed up their ass cheeks. Then they grab ahold of every other’s obese cocks, guzzling the entire length of the beefy firmness down their mouths. Jesse’s slick muscularity is a breathtaking complement to Adam’s massive frame with those thunder haunches and astounding arse cheeks. It’s no pain, no gain as Adam and Jesse work each other ragged taking turns sucking, rimming and fucking with sheer abandon. And their rabid dogfight comes to a gratifying end when both of them lastly bust their nuts, cumming in spurts all over every other.

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