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Shawn Wolfe and Fabio Stallone. Cut and uncut. Slender and beefy. The rule of attraction and magnetism takes hold on ’em as pretty soon as they are alone and stripped jointly. Shawn’s hard-on stretches parallel to the lengthy toned lines of his furry youthful body, but look fast, because that dick is about to disappear in Fabio’s mouth, leaving merely a fat couple of balls, starting to churn up the juices that will in a short time be released. When Fabio transfers his oral pleasure attention to Shawn’s nipples, Shawn’s hand takes up where Fabio’s throat left off. Then Shawn kneels to service Fabio, whose cock takes on a huge life of its own, its curvature seeming to change until it slips all the way down Shawn’s swallow. Fabio’s hardon does the same when Shawn turns and offers his tight, furry buns. OMG is Shawn’s reaction to the pulverizing body slams that would send him across the room if not for the chair that keeps him grounded. His lips curl up in joy as Fabio pulls his 9 1/2 inches all the way out and slams ’em back in anew. orgasm quenches their excitement. The semen that flies from Shawn’s dick settles in all the hollows of his flabby torso. Fabio saves his load to deliver str8 to Shawn’s greedy mouth.

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