Muscular Jimmy Durano and hairy Donnie Dean fuck

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Jimmy Durano’s sexy, brawny hunk are the first thing we see. He’s making out heavy with hairy Donnie Dean. Durano’s uncut dick upward, anchored by testicles the size of golf nuts. Unable to make a decision which that guy wants first, Donnie receives dick and balls alike all shiny and wet with saliva. Then this guy lowers his head over Jimmy’s meat. Jimmy panties and groans; his torso starts to glisten; his abs ripple and his thighs clench. Donnie uses his entire upper body, massaging Jimmy’s taint, squeezing his nuts and jerking off during the time that that guy sucks. If u were the receiver, you’d want to baste the guy’s tonsils with your cum. But Donnie’s throbbing gap needs relief, so Jimmy centers his face betwixt the high whoppers of Donny’s buns. Donny jacks in rhythm to Jimmy’s tongue lapping at his hole. Donny’s rocking haunches are the final incitement, and with a slap on the ass, Jimmy enters him from behind. Their breaths are coming short as they switch to missionary position. Jimmy orders cum and Donny squirts all over himself. Jimmy’s dick looks twice as huge coming out as it looked going in, and Donny desires one time more taste. He’s rewarded with a biggest face full of spooge.

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