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Brutal gay porn studio Raging Stallion presents new movie Hole part 1 with muscled gays Tyler Wolf and Angel Rock in white jockstraps hard fucks in prison shower.

A prisoner splayed out on a bunk in a dank cell faces a bank of movie monitors showing men fucking. Zoom in on Angel getting blown by Tyler. Wolf’s biceps, traps and delts bulge while glistening with sweat. Angel is wearing a crusty sportsman belt that has probably not ever been washed. His hirsute pecs heave as this guy uses a hand to guide Tyler’s head whilst pinching a nipp with the other hand. Angel pulls away and spits on Tyler’s cock, then wraps his tongue around the head. Tyler’s pulsing gap is a magnet that lazily but surely attracts Angel’s tongue. Angel sucks, probes and licks Tyler’s hole until it trickle with saliva and booty juices, then plunges his swollen cock into the black center of these smooth buns. Tyler grimaces, rapidly wanking himself to add joy to the pang. Their writhing sex and loud cries are transmitted to monitors being watched through the detention center. The speed and power of Angel’s thrusts reach a breaking point that sends Tyler’s cum flying across his torso. Angel saves his own load for Tyler’s mouth.

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